Hello to All My Frıends and Followers

Because of the many demands on her valuable time, The Space Hag has asked me to release her comments and manage this blog on her behalf. When she recovers from the trauma of losing her fine husband, world-renown philanthropist and billionaire, the Stoker, to the hideous activities of an unknown gang of crazed international criminals, she will step in and manage the blog herself. Until then I have been granted the honour of assisting her in this most difficult time.

Here are the personal comments of The Space Hag;

I wish to thank all of you who have stood behind me throughout the ordeal of the past two years. Having been tried for the murder of my dearest beloved first husband, the Stoker, the jury’s acquittal shows that my innocence is genuine.

With your help, I well be able to identify the ghoulish criminals who, in an act of supreme cowardice, murdered the Stoker as he slept and then arranged evidence to imply that I was the murderer.

From time-to-time I will communicate with all of you through this internet blog. However, the pressures of responsibility that have fallen on my shoulders in running the Stoker’s multi-billion zollar industrial empire mean that it well be difficult, if not impossible for me to reply personally to many of your messages.

Whenever possible I would like all of you to vısıt the page of bwob, one of my most trusted confidants, which can be found in my list of blogs on this page.

Once again, I thank all of you for your support.

The Space Hag


About The Space Hag

Since the Roswell, New Mexico arrival of The Space Hag here on July 7, 1947, the world has not been the same. Tirelessly applying herself to solving the world’s ills, her marriage to The Stoker helped to ensure The Space Hag’s message of international cooperation and beneficence would be spread to every corner of this planet.

Having been falsely imprisoned by criminal elements of the government after the heinous murder of the Stoker in October 2005, The Space Hag has been acquitted of all crimes. However, because of the tremendous toll taken on her by this activity by officials of a corrupt Government, The Space Hag and her new husband Ghibrahn Hines have been in seclusion on their private continent since her release from prison.